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The consortium implements real estate projects of different sizes.

There is a focus on project development of residential and commercial buildings. The company is valued for its encompassing project development services. From purchase of conception and planning to the construction and turnkey delivery, gets everything from one provider.

Alongside the implementation of complex residential and holiday complexes, United Land built important industries and logistics buildings.

Hotel concepts and Hotel project developments on the basis of detailed market analysis is another skill of the company.

Ingrained with the fashion boutique Leffers from Bremen, United Land has also been able to make a name for itself in the fashion industry. International luxury brands like Valentino, Ferragamo, as well as Bally have trusted United Land with their store expansions.

Moreover, another area of responsibility for the company is the detail accurate renovation of listed properties in cooperation with experienced historians.
In the 1940s the company was assigned with the renovation of historically valuable buildings, such as the Palazzo Reale di Napoli and the University of Federico II.

With the histories of sites and buildings always in full awareness and the needs of the customer in mind, the United land consortium creates customfit architectural complete solutions.

Their innovative ideas, long established plans and linear implementation make United Land a trustworthy partner for more than 100 years.

“We have had a very pleasant and trusting business relationship with the United Land group for more than 15 years. In the past we have accompanied the company in various real estate projects.

The management and employees have many years of experience in the real estate industry and especially planning for extensive real estate projects. This industry expertise along with other positive factors explains the good
reputation of our customers.

The constantly purposeful strategic and economic action confirms the professionalism of management and their success. From experience the United Land group always manages to exceed the expectations even of their own clients.

Moreover, we value the real estate projects implemented by the United Land group, for the respective site and related surroundings are positive influences on the growth of local industry or rather quality of life.

In our opinion, with the United Land group you have an economically strong and trustworthy partner, who can make the revitalisation of whole objects attractive and cost efficient.”